Saturday, August 8, 2009

Destination Disney

I've made up my mind. I'm going to be an artist at Disney.
Why not put my talent to work? These hands were made for drawing not drumming.
Although I truly do love playing the Marimba.
I think that art is something I was meant to do. Something creative at least.
But then comes the argument, am I creative or just logical?
I believe that I am not so much creative as others may put me out to be. Just because I can draw very well means squat. I think logic has a lot to do with it, and geometry. I believe that it's a lot of common sense..."well if the nose is this big and the chin ends here...then the ears should line up with the eyes" and so on and so fourth.

I may be completely wrong.
Just some food for thought.
I have a meeting Monday with Lafayette High's band director. I'm looking forward to that, I hope all goes well and that I will have a spot. I highly doubt that though.

I have to take physical education yet again...can't I just show them my active reds account? That should count for something!

I plan on staying single forever.

I'm so tired. I should read the bible Raluca gave me, it's gorgeous. I should also play pokemon..two badges!

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